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The Star Index is comprised of 30 gilt-edged constituents selected from all listed stocks on the KOSDAQ market and are chosen based on factors such as liquidity, financial requirements, and how well they represent their markets. The index has been calculated and published since January 26, 2004 with a base index of 1000 set to January 2, 2003.


  • Calculation Method : Market capitalization weighted on number of free-floats

    KOSDAQ STAR INDEX = (Market Capitalization at the time of calculation / Market Capitalization on Base date) * 1000

  • Base date and base value : January 2, 2003= 1000p
  • Number of constituents : 30 stocks
  • Regular realignment of constituent stocks : Annually (The day after the last transaction day of June Settlement in KOSDAQ50 Futures Market)
  • Criteria for selection of constituents
    • Market value : Average daily market capitalization
      (six months retroactive from two months before the regular realignment month)
    • Market Liquidity : Daily trading value (six months retroactive from two months before the regular realignment month)
    • Financial criteria : ordinary profit for the two most recent business years
  • Capitalization limit : 10%
    * Capitalization limit is set to exclude excessive influence of a specific constituent in a stock index.
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